Welcome to the Wine Doggie Club Agnes!

May 18th, 2017

Agnes can’t wait to greet you! Come say hello to her at the Wine Makers Loft (Vintners Village) in Prosser WA. Enjoy a glass of Coyote Canyon Wine!


Happy Spring to all of my Wine Doggie friends! I’m excited to introduce one of our newest Wine Doggie Members. Her name is Agnes and she is the official greeter at the Coyote Canyon Winery, located at the Wine Makers Loft (Studio A), inside of Vintner’s Village, Prosser WA.

Her owners tell me that she certainly acts her age (10 months) and is quite social..always trying to say hello a thousand times. I think I’m going to like this new Wine Dog, she sounds very similar to me!! I’ve been told that her extreme friendliness with guests is starting to really give the Pitbull breed a new name! With her greeting skills, she  absolutely loves coming to work .. and just like me, she hates being home alone.  Agnes takes all parts of her job seriously, especially during harvest! She  is part of the quality control group and helps test the grapes, which usually requires more than a few from each batch. Her free time includes wandering through the vineyard, meeting new friends, and getting her belly scratched. Yep, I’m pretty sure that Agnes and I will become great friends! Make sure and say hello to her when you visit Wine Country!


Penny the Pill catching up on her sleep, so she can have fun later with Agnes.

Penny the Pill catching up on her sleep, so she can have fun later with Agnes…lots of vineyard to explore.

Holiday Pet Travel Tips

December 23rd, 2016


Happy Holidays to all of our Friends!

My Big Sister Destiny & I visited Santa Paws! He promised me lots of new toys that squeak, bouncy balls for my owner to throw, and even some treats too! Looks like I made the “Nice List” this year – I’m not that much of a Pill after all!  Today, we have a guest blogger, Jessica Brody, who is going to share some very important tips on traveling with your furry friends.  Ms. Brody believes that dogs are just about the greatest creatures on earth, and enjoys showing her love for our four-legged friends through photos.  Enjoy some of these tips for traveling with pets. Stay tuned for some fun events happening in the Yakima Valley over this Holiday Season.

~Penny the Pill

How to Plan for Traveling with Your Dog
By Jessica Brody

Traveling with our pets is a fun way to have our four-legged friends tag along on our adventures. Especially if you are heading somewhere that is pet-friendly. Deciding to bring your dog when you travel does require some extra pre-planning and research. Here are some quick tips on what to consider and what to do when preparing to bring Fido along.

Before you head out of town, it’s a good rule of thumb to visit the vet for a checkup, if you haven’t already. Your vet can can tell you what to do if you encounter an emergency, in addition to making sure your dog’s ID chip information is up to date. A visit to the vet is also a good time to discuss any medical issues that might be of concern when traveling. If your dog is prone to anxiety or motion sickness, this is your chance to speak up, as there are medications that can help your dog have a more comfortable journey.

What to Pack
After visiting the vet, you’ll have some medical and license information to take with you.
Try using an
app to store all of your dog’s medical information in one spot.
Your mode of transportation will help you decide just how much you can bring, so keep in mind ways to economize on space if you are flying. As for
gear itself, you’ll know the extras you should bring to keep your pet happy, but the most important items you should pack are:

-       Food/water bowls

-       A blanket or towel

-       Chew toys

-       Poop bags

-       Leash or harness

-       Food and Treats

-       Necessary medications

Now more than ever you there are an abundance of pet-friendly hotels or bed and breakfasts available for people who travel with their dogs. Some of these place even have amenities specifically for pets!

If you are camping, determine the rules and restrictions for pets prior to arrival. And always take a crate or carrier of some sort so that your dog can have a quiet place to unwind once you reach your final destination.

Traveling By Car
Plan your route ahead of time to give you an idea of pet-friendly stops along the way. Make a point to stop every few hours so your dog can have a quick potty break and walk to stretch their legs. Always be sure to have your dog restrained when riding in the car (i.e. harness or crate), and never allow your dog to sit in your lap or put their head out the window.

Traveling By Plane
Dogs traveling by plane must be small enough to fit in a carrier that can be stowed below the seat in front of you. Typically there are fees associated with bringing your pet, so be prepared to shell out some extra money. If your dog is too big to join you in the main cabin, you will need to crate your dog and have her ride in the cargo hold.

Change of Heart
Sometimes it’s too difficult to bring our pets with us when we travel. Should you decide your dog can’t accompany you, consider having a dog-sitter come to your house so that your pet can stay at home comfortably. The best part about a pet-sitter is their ability to give daily updates, and they’ll be able to tell you if anything is amiss at your house. Alternatively you can board your dog at a kennel or day spa where they will be played with and pampered.

Whichever you choose, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dog is in good hands.

Image by condesign via Pixabay

Fresh Hop Ale Festival & Bung’s Birthday Bash Update!

September 28th, 2016


Hello Friends!

Did you know that today is National Drink a beer day? I know that I’m a “Wine Dog” but, I also live in Hop Heaven too. I’m pretty sure this particular holiday was created for our Valley, seeing how we provide 75% of the nation’s hops.  This week also just happens to be FRESH HOP WEEK, which includes various events today through Sunday and the Fresh Hop Ale Festival on Saturday, October 1st.

Here are just a few things going on during this week:

Wednesday: Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co. Movie On The Patio: Come watch the Jungle Book at this Family friendly event featuring pizza, popcorn and the release of Bron Yr Brewing’s fresh hop beer. Win Fresh Hop swag and tickets.  Movie starts at dusk.

Yakima Craft Brewing Co.: Enjoy a three course dinner with beer pairings.  Event to be held at their downtown tasting room at 6PM, $35/person.

The Beer Shoppe 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall:  Come share in the tasting of hard to find beers. Also featuring the tap release of many of your favorite breweries’ fresh hop beers.  Food truck (Chronic Foods) on site for this event. 6PM $2/taste.
2ND Street Grill & Hop Nation Brewing Company:  Fresh hop beer inspired brewers’ dinner, 7PM.

Bale Breaker Brewing Company, Yakima Chief Hop Union & Crafted Gastropub: Crab feed and oyster bar with beer specials, brewery tours and Fresh Hop prizes given away throughout the night. Event starts at 5PM.

Apple Tree Golf Course 9 Hole, 2 Man Scramble including Beer & Lunch: Join Apple Tree as they host brewers from around the NW for a tasting and golf experience like no other.  $75/person Registration starts at 11AM and Shotgun start at 1PM will begin a 9 hole, 3 club, 2 person scramble golf tournament on Apple Tree’s back nine. A beer station will be present at each hole, with a different craft beer for you to try. Each golfer will get a free stainless steel beer glass  and nine beer script, compliments of McCown Crafted. Space is extremely limited. Entry fee includes, round, cart, beer, lunch, range balls, and stainless steel glass. Contact Apple Tree and reserve your tee time today at 509-965- 5877.

Yakima Sports Center Brewery Party: Come mingle with brewers and craft beer industry folks from Deschutes, Firestone Walker, HUB, New Belgium, Sierra Nevada & 2 Beers while enjoying the tap release of many fresh hop beers.  Win Fresh Hop Ale Festival tickets and swag. 7PM-10PM.

Yakima Valley Hops & Chinook Fest Fresh Hop Party: Featuring live music from Rust on the Rails and Hillstomp.  Mingle with growers and brewers and enjoy 8+ fresh hop beers, food truck on site. Win YVH swag and Fresh Hop Ale Festival tickets.  $10/presale, $15/door. 5PM

2nd Street Grill Morning After Brunch: Bloody Mary Bar, and bacon cheeseburger bloody Mary’s.  Brunch at 9AM, game at 10AM.

One of my friends DJ Paul from Brew Public even wrote a nice preview of what’s in store for this week’s festivities.  On the Wine front, Bung the Wonder Dog has a nice update for us on how his Birthday Bash was last weekend – I’m sure fond of that dog, Happy Birthday Bung!
Cheers to a fun weekend!
-Penny the Pill


Hi, this is a picture of me, looking very tired as the last of my doggie friends depart.  September 17 was the big day and our friends from Wags to Riches Animal Rescue were here to help celebrate my tenth birthday with YAPPY HOUR all day at Bonair Winery.  So many doggies came to visit, to enjoy each other’s company, to investigate the ducks on the duck pond, and to run leash free all over our big grassy area.  We served HOT DOGS to well-behaved owners and BUNG’S DOGGIE BONES to our dog friends.  Wow, at one time there were 10 dachshunds all at once on ten leashes.  They were so excited to be here that it made me hyper and yes, I had to take a ten minute “time out” on a chair to bring myself back to my normal calmness.

Doggie lovers were so very generous to donate so much to Wags to Riches- as well as all the tasting fees, hot dogs and doggie bones sales.  Thank you so much for helping where it is so much needed.  Now harvest time is here and I have to get back to my very important job of supervising the grape pickers (well, I guess I really mean getting spoiled by them and having my tummy rubbed a lot).

Your friend,


Summer News from Bung!!!

August 22nd, 2016


A big hello from Bung the Wonder Dog!

I have had such a busy summer enjoying my job as official greeter of visitors and especially those who bring their doggies wine tasting with them.  When the summer temperatures are HOT, doggies on leashes get to cool off in our air conditioned tasting room (except when we are serving food on the weekend afternoons).  We have a duck pond for doggies who need to really cool off and a huge grassy area where they can run off leash and stretch their legs.  Please come and see me- I will happily pose for you,  and my owners have some really good wines for humans to enjoy.  They like to get a glass of wine and just sit outside and enjoy the peacefulness of wine country.

By the way, my special birthday party is coming up-BUNG’S BIRTHDAY BASH on September 17.  More on that soon!

Love you all!

Summer Days Are Here Again!

August 12th, 2016

Hello Friends!

Happy Summer to you all – I’ve been pretty busy playing in the sun with my BIG sister Destiny .. my owner has tasked me with making sure that Destiny gets her walk in every morning – It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.  Check out our new Yakima Valley Wine Doggies Instagram account. Louie the terrier has joined the Wine Doggie family, and he will be posting photos of wine doggies / pet friendly attractions here in the Valley.. you might even see some pictures of the two of us together! – We’re friends!Keep an eye on out on our blog site – Bung the Wonder Dog has some exciting news and updates. I’ve also got some really fun pet friendly events that are coming up – you won’t want to miss!

Today, we have a guest Blogger – Kelly Wright.   She explores and celebrates the magical and mysterious bond between pets and people for Rover.com’s Animal Heroes section. If you have an amazing story about how an animal has brought joy and wonder to your life, please email her at kelly@rover.com.


RoverPictureVets Share Their Stories with Rover.com About Working with Animals — as Kids!

At Rover.com, we admire the vets who keep our pets healthy. During interviews for our new feature, Veterinarians Share the Amazing Stories that Inspired Their Careers, we learned that many discovered their love of caring for animals as children.

Here are a few unique stories about vets who got an early start in training.

They had all kinds of pets — often, quite a few!

Dr. Tyler Carmack of Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice in Virginia Beach said her variety of pets helped her appreciate all animals:  “I had a cat, a bird, multiple rats and hamsters, fish, and even three ducks at one point,” she said. “I loved taking care of different animals and getting to learn about each species and their different characteristics and personalities.”  Dr. Jessica Waldman devoted herself to nursing animals in need.

“I had many sleepless nights feeding baby birds and baby mice I found,” she revealed. Now a veterinarian at California Animal Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, Dr. Waldman said she also volunteered at a local animal clinic.  For Dr. Rebecca McComas of MN Pets in Minnesota, caring for animals was an everyday part of growing up and valuable experience for her career.“My family had tons of pets while I was growing up — dogs, hamsters, rats, fish and hermit crabs — and they were my first experience with having the responsibility to care for another living thing,” she said.  “I remember taking care of my pets as a child and coming to the realization that their health and well-being was my responsibility,” she explained. “They did well and thrived, or they struggled and suffered illness based on my care and husbandry.”

Many vets worked on farms

Some veterinarians learned in a rural setting.  “I spent countless hours on a dairy farm from the age of 4 on feeding calves, milking cows, and quietly watching the veterinarian who came to examine sick cows or perform surgery,” shared Dr. Elizabeth Carney of Peaceful Pet Passage in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Monica Dijanic — a vet at Beaver Brook Animal Hospital in Connecticut — also spent time on the farm, but it wasn’t until she switched to a clinic that she realized her life’s passion.“I loved science and animals, so when I was in high school I decided to volunteer at an animal hospital to see if it would be something I was interested in,” she said.

Some raised not-so-typical pets

“When I visited my grandpa in Milwaukee as a little girl, I chased butterflies into his neighbor’s yard,” recalled Dr. Laura Ziegler of DoveLewis in Portland. “His neighbor was a naturalist, and she got me started raising butterflies, which I did for years. Not all of the butterflies made it, but when they did, it was really fun to watch!”

Dr. Ziegler said the experience also sparked her interest in educating others:  “Teaching the neighborhood kids how to raise butterflies inspired a love of science, and I’d always had a love for animals. That’s what drove me to the veterinary field.”

Whether or not vet school is in your future, if you’re looking for a fun way to work with animals, try dog walking with Rover.com!

Kelly Wright


Puppy Love in Yakima Valley!

February 11th, 2016
Mercer Wine Estates

Mercer Wine Estates

This weekend is Red Wine & Chocolate in the Yakima Valley! I’m very excited for my owner to take me to all of the festivities too .. and she even told me that a certain wine doggie wants to be MY valentine!!!  If you don’t believe me, look at the note he left for me below!! I think you know who I’m talking about, he lives at Bonair Winery…and his name is Bung!  We have met a few times – and my little tail can’t stop wagging when I’m around him.

Today, I helped my owner deliver the new 2016 Travel Guides to our member wineries in Benton City. We made stops at Mercer Wine Estates, Chandler Reach Vineyards, Col Solare Winery, Cooper Wine Company, Sleeping Dog Wines, Tapteil Vineyard and Tucannon Cellars.  I was greeted by quite a few dogs at almost every stop – all very friendly – but it was raining outside, so I said hello to them from the backseat window.  I was hoping to see Bud at Cooper Wine Company, but he was visiting his grandparents for the weekend.  And when we arrived at Mercer Wine Estates, I had fun on their walking trail – I even saw a bunny jump out in front of me, that was so exciting!!

Well, it’s time for me to get ready for my day at the Pet Spa tomorrow – I need to look pretty for Red Wine & Chocolate.. and my valentine, Bung. If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, you’ll want to make a trip out to the Yakima Valley, Washington Wine Country.. and bring your furry friend with you too, Puppy Love is in the air! .. “Penny & Bung sitting by the tree..K-I-S-S-I-N-G”  ~Penny The Pill


Bung The Wonder Dog

Bung The Wonder Dog – AKA Penny’s Valentine!

Winter is over and the sun is shining and I am feeling fine and frisky and ready to start working, after a lazy winter. Today I am heading out with my best friend Bonair Gail to do some work in the vineyard.  This is serious business. First we have to check out the pond- and today we discovered dozens of gold fish on the surface- I guess they are excited about the good weather too.  Next I have to check out our pruning crew and politely wait until sometimes a tasty tidbit or two  drops into my mouth.  Then finally I have to bound up and down the vineyard rows just checking to see if a squirrel or rabbit might be out that I can pretend to chase.  I like those wild animals- they are friends of mine, but it is fun to tease them a little.

At the end of today, it will be a much needed rest dozing with my head on Bonair Gail’s lap.  It really is a dog’s life!    I am looking forward to seeing my dog friends and their owners at Bonair Winery.  We are open every day from 11-4. I’m kinda shy around girls, but Penny the Pill, will you be my valentine?

Your friend,

Season’s Greetings!

December 11th, 2015
Me & My BIG sister Destiny , staying out of trouble..Santa Paws is watching!

Me & My BIG sister Destiny, staying out of trouble..Santa Paws is watching..So we will be good.. THIS MONTH!

Season’s Greetings to all of my friends!  I’ve been trying hard not to be a “PILL” this month .. Santa Paws is watching!!! My owner is so excited for all of the fun festivities happening in the Yakima Valley this holiday season.  Stay tuned and I’ll have more details on that later, but for now – here’s a note from my dog crush, Bung the Wonder Dog.  ~Penny

Doggie and human friends,

I love this time of the year. We have a little bit of snow, some silly happy ducks splashing on the pond, and Bonair Winery is all decorated for the Holidays- both inside and out!

We are open every single day (except Christmas Day) from 11-4. This is the best time to come and visit. I will give you a lot of attention and this time of the year my dog friends may accompany their well-behaved humans into the tasting room.

As a special gift at Bonair, we have no tasting fee for the month of December. We have a lot of gift items to check out while you are sipping wine and enjoying our staff.

Bung The Wonder Dog - I know him!!!

Bung The Wonder Dog, waiting for you to visit!

A visit to Cooper Wine Company

November 23rd, 2015

My visit at Cooper Wine Company

Hello Friends!

Last month, I ventured down to Benton City and met up with Neil and Bud (Wine Dog)  at Cooper Wine Company .  Bud was the first to greet us in the Tasting Room – such a friendly guy – I’ll have to say, I had fun playing “Bung Ball” with him too!!  Bud is so well known that he has his own Facebook page – you can find him listed under D.b. Cooper – He is one of my newest Facebook Friends!!!! His owner, Neil is very supportive of local charities and just recently raised over 15,000 dollars over a “friendly” competition with Two Mountain Winery to help out the wildfire victims of North Central Washington.  It was quite entertaining watching Two Mountain’s staff clean up Cooper’s wine equipment .. Bud & I were amused with all of the unexpected shenanigans, humans can be so silly at times!!!!!

When you visit Cooper Wine Company, you can count on friendly staff  along with a fine glass of wine.  I (personally) could not get enough play time with Bud outside on their nice green lawn..my owner watched us play together over a beautiful pink sunset.  I can’t wait to return – make sure and stop at Cooper Wine Company, and bring your dog too!

Until next time,
Penny the Pill




Penny’s Visit to the Mural Society

October 22nd, 2015

PennyMuralsToday my owner took me to look at some of the Murals in Toppenish – “Where the West Still Lives”. This is one of many murals you can find all around the town..and my little doggie paws were quite eager to check them all out.  Fortunately for us, there is a dedicated map with descriptions that will take you back in time when horse drawn carriages and sometimes even a bear fight filled the streets of this little Americana town.  There are over 70 murals strategically painted on various buildings and billboards. Each mural captures the history of the first settlers and culture of those who lived in Toppenish between 1840-1940.  I even saw a couple “Western Doggies” in those murals too!

While I was walking with my owner, I saw a group of people also looking at the murals from the comfort of their very own horse drawn wagon tour . The tour guide’s voice echoed on the microphone and my ears couldn’t help but perk up a little, as he told stories of the past .. stories so perfectly painted for me and my owner to enjoy and reminisce of a time when there weren’t cell phones, computers, or any type of digital device.

Every year, on the first Saturday of June, a group of artists come from all over the world to paint a Mural in a Day.  This is a big deal and often times,  there have been thousands of people that come and watch the paint dry.  There is usually food & craft vendors, a 5K Fun Run, and lots of excitement in this town – I sure hope my owner takes me next year, because there’s nothing I would rather do than sit and watch the paint dry.. and possibly try out some of those food vendor booths too.

I hope all of my friends are enjoying this cooler weather and finding some time to go and explore this beautiful valley we live in.

Until next time,

Penny the Pill

My pals at Union Gap Pet Smart gave me the best haircut ever!!

My pals at Union Gap Pet Smart gave me the best haircut ever!!

Happy Birthday Bung!

October 16th, 2015

Bonair5 Last month my owner took me to Bung’s Birthday party!  Yappy Hour was such a hit!!! This was actually my very first Wine Doggie Birthday Party – my owner made sure I was dressed for this occasion.  Bung is quite the charmer, I’ll have to say .. I was quite taken by him.  His owner has a photo of us together.. you might get a glimpse of it in a future post from The Wonder Dog himself! My owner enjoyed a glass of one of her favorite Riesling’s while I watched wine club members come and collect their boxes of wine.. lots of visiting out on the patio..and lots of BBQ hot dogs &  hamburgers cooked by one of Bung’s owners – Bung is so lucky, I bet he gets all the leftovers.

Bung also invited the pet shelter to his party – they were handing out information on their “Shelter Essentials” and instead of presents, Bung wanted his guests to donate some of these essentials to the shelter.. what a guy!!! I was quite excited – they lady at the shelter gave me my very own treat bag with 3 delicious dog biscuits – nice party favors Bung – I certainly approve!

I even met some of Bung’s friends too – Bonair Winery and Vineyards is one of the happening places for dog friendly destinations.  If my owner would have shown up a few minutes earlier, we could have also participated in Yoga by Whitney – all summer long, she has yoga classes at select wineries.  My owner is already in search of the proper yoga attire for us – we will be ready next summer!

Weekends were meant for activities like these – and with only Saturday & Sunday, there are too many places yet to visit!  Click here for a “few” options you will definitely want to check out this weekend..and the weekend after.. and the weekend after.. and the.. well, you get my point!  Cheers – Penny the Pill