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Dog Will Not Travel – Walk a Shelter Dog

Friday, February 24th, 2012

  I’m always disappointed when my human  travels without me.  I know its not her favorite thing to do either and she misses my handsome mug.  A solution to dog-less travel misery for your human is to walk a shelter dog at the Humane Society of Central Washington (HSCW).

The HSCW has a program that allows visitors to check out shelter dogs and take them for a walk on the Yakima Greenway.  Their dogs are always available for walking, weather permitting, between 11am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday and 12-3:30pm on Saturdays.  Humans wishing to walk a dog must be 18 years old, or accompanied by an adult and produce a drivers license. The HSCW staff will hold the license for the duration of the walk.  All dogs over 6 months of age and available for adoption may go for a walk.

This is a great treat for many of the dogs staying there and they could definitely use a stretch and outdoor sniffing time.  Plus, they have the opportunity to impress a human enough to go home with them.  Who knows, maybe your human might bring home a new companion for you.  I was adopted and I have the life of a “rockstar!”

Teddy, The New Kid in the Vineyard

Friday, February 24th, 2012

I was meandering around Downtown Yakima earlier this week and decided to stop in at Kana Winery.  I was expecting my typical visit until the door opened, and to my surprise a black and white curly haired furball came bounding toward me at full speed.  Little did I know that the winery had a recent addition, Teddy.

Teddy is a four month old Goldendoodle pup that has waaaaaay too much energy for me, or at least I thought.  At first I wasn’t sure that I wanted anything to do with him and then decided that he needed to learn a few things.  My inner pup finally came through and soon we were playing like old buddies .

Teddy is looking forward to greeting doggie travelers with treats and water, like a good host.  Katherine Goodson, General Manager, (aka Teddy’s human) is looking forward to doggie visitors as well but requests that “all the rough housing needs to stay outside.”  She has told Teddy this but he gets distracted easily and forgets.  He begins training next week so he will be abiding by the rules soon.

My visit with Teddy was exhausting, but I’m actually looking forward to seeing him again soon.

Off-Leash FUN at the Yakima Greenway

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Do you ever get tired of traveling in the car with your human?  I know I sure do.  Its especially nice to play off-leash so I’m not strangling myself or dislocating my human’s shoulder.  I know the perfect place for a great romp!

The Yakima Greenway is a walking path along the Yakima River that is a fantastic place to go for leashed activities such as a walk or run.  Fear not, these humans didn’t forget about us!  They created an enclosed off-leash dog park at the south end/Nob Hill Blvd. side of the path.   This park is the bomb!  It has a bunch of open space to run around and act goofy.  I meet new friends all the time and they usually are up for chasing a ball or trying to catch a frisbee, but not everyone likes to get their paws dirty.  The scents are amazing here, I swear I was hot on the trail of a squirrel or two, they’re just too darn quick for me though. Even though the trees are a safe haven for the squirrels, they provide great shade on those hot summer days. And if you’re lucky like me, you may find a ball that was left behind.

Your human will know about the typical dog park protocol which exists here as well.  They have left baggies so our humans can clean up after us, I’m just glad I don’t have to do it.  Also, make sure your human brings water and a bowl for you because you will get thirsty during your escapades at the park on hot summer days in the Yakima Valley.  Sometimes I play so hard and become so thirsty I could lap up the entire Yakima River.

I romp here frequently, maybe we will run into each other!