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Airfield Estates Winery’s Sassy Sadie

Monday, April 30th, 2012

It was a very hot, sunny, spring day in the Valley when I made my human chauffeur stop at Airfield Estates Winery in Prosser.  I wanted to take a gander at all of the saucy pinup human females that adorn some of the vintages. Plus the cool floor and air conditioning wasn’t too bad either.  Of course I was treated like a king and was offered a treat and some water when I walked through the door.  During this wonderful reception, Beth, Tasting Room Manager, mentioned that they put visiting canines to work, by diligently cleaning up the cracker crumbs around the tasting room bar.  When can I start?!!!

This winery has a very unique background because the family estate has historical ties to aviation, hence the winery’s name and theme.  Did I mention the tasting room is a hangar?  An airbase was built and resided on the property for a few years during World War II.  I can’t recall all of the details but you can learn more about Airfield Estates Winery’s history here.

I found out that the resident Dachshund, Sadie, was in the building and I asked if she would be able to come out for a visit.  Sadie is incredibly shy and tends to be a bit nervous when she first meets you.  She likes to be with her human, Amy, pretty much at all times, but if you let her get to know you on her terms she is really friendly.  Sadie did make an exception and came out for a visit and photo op.  Note that I let her be taller than me in the photo but in case you didn’t know Sadie is the one with the black hair with brown highlights.