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Thurston Wolfe Winery – Where’s Chance?!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Hanging out with Dr. Wolfe

Thanks for lending me your toy Chance!

I went to visit my buddy Chance and woof “Congratulations on Thurston Wolfe Winery’s 25th Anniversary” to him but upon my arrival, I soon discovered he was on vacation from the tasting room.  With that news I was bummed and ready to move on, except my human (she’s always delaying my plans) began speaking with Chance’s human, Dr. Wade Wolfe.  While they were chatting I lapped up some water, sniffed around and found one of Chance’s toys.  “SCORE!”  I decided to help myself to the toy and relax a bit on the cool tasting room floor.  Engrossed in my gnawing,  I was alerted to the humans talking about Thurston Wolfe Winery being named WinePress Northwest’s 2012 Winery of the Year.  I was pretty impressed as Chance got his mug in the magazine along with his humans.  I know, I know my photo is always in my blogs but a published magazine is something completely different.  Next thing I know they are discussing a Thurston Wolfe Rosé that low and behold has Chance’s mug on the label.  The wine is called 2nd Chance Rosé and Dr. Wolfe said they donate $1 for every bottle sold to Out West Pet Rescue, Chance’s relocation agency.


Three “woofs” for this idea as I was once a member of such an agency and couldn’t happier with the result.  I guess my human was finally ready to leave because the next thing I know I’m being told to “leave it” and I’m longingly staring back at the toy as I leave the winery.  I’m irritated that my toy time was interrupted and……oh my gosh BIRDS!  Follow me human!!


Toppenish Mural Tour

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

The Ruth Parton Story Mural

Being in an artistic mood, I left my charming muddy paw prints in a beautiful pattern on the kitchen floor and soon found out that my human didn’t appreciate my canine expression.  As a way to make amends and artistically inspire her, I suggested we take the self-guided Toppenish Mural tour.  We sprang into the car and traveled to the town “Where the West Still Lives”  and began our endeavor to tour more than 70 murals.  The murals adorn the building walls and are a vivid visual history of Toppenish that cover everything from the importance of agriculture in the region to historic people and events of the Yakama Nation.  All of the murals are painted by commissioned professional western artists from around the country.



The Indian Stick Game Mural




My favorite mural was The Indian Stick Game as I enjoy my own version of a stick game as well.





The temperature was rising and it was time for a much needed break so I drug my human to the Toppenish Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center.  Upon arrival I was greeted by Bethany and Margaret who where more then happy to make my acquaintance and made me feel at home.  The center is filled with area information and even has post cards and prints of some of the murals that you could take home and hang on your walls.  Adjacent to the Chamber’s parking lot there is a huge park making it a great location for picnics.

Bethany & Margaret