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Bunny Tracking at the Best Western Plus Grapevine Inn

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012


If you find yourself down in the Yakima Valley and needing a place to rest your paws, the Best Western Plus Grapevine Inn in Sunnyside is a great choice.  Not only are they canine friendly, the rooms are very comfortable, so comfortable in fact I attempted to jump on the bed and take a nap but my human prevented me from completing a successful landing.  There is a nominal non-refundable fee when we stay with our humans but the staff does their best to place us in a room on the main floor to make the outdoors more accessible.  When you do need to go outside there is a huge lawn area in the back for sniffing and playing ball, which is fantastic after a long drive.  My human kept mentioning how nice and relaxing it is to be outside, enjoying the sunshine and taking in the stunning view of the mountains.  I’m not sure how she thought it was relaxing as I was too distracted by the goings on in the vineyard.  I swear I saw a bunny hopping around the vines.  There was so much movement in the vineyard that I just had to go check it out for myself, but much to my disappointment I didn’t find any that I could bring home with me.  Oh well, I will just have to keep on tracking down the bunnies at home.

Treats at Apex Cellars

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

If you are ever in Vintner’s Village be sure to visit  Apex Cellars located within the Winemaker’s Loft.  Melissa will greet you with a fresh bowl of water and a scrumptious treat.  They are one of the tasting rooms that have a fantastic cool cement floor, which is perfect for a break on a hot Yakima Valley day.  Relax in front of the fire on chilly days or sun yourself in the courtyard while your human sips on their special grape juice and fancy meats and cheeses.  I always keep an eye out for food casualties as I don’t mind eating things once they have hit the ground, the five second rule doesn’t apply to me.