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Romping in the Red Mountain AVA

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

   It was a beautiful, brisk, fall day and I wanted to romp about the vineyards to see how harvest went for my fellow wine doggie pals.  I haven’t visited the Red Mountain AVA in quite some time so I nudged my human toward Benton City, which she amazingly accommodated me.

After a quick stop and a photo op at the welcome sign, which is a pretty nifty way to acknowledge that you are entering a designated AVA,  my human took a left on Sunset Road which provided a glorious view of row upon row of red and golden vines climbing the sloping hillsides.

Cooper on Jack Rabbit Watch

Driving along we reached an area where a scent was so intense, I practically leapt out of the car window.  My human decided to pull over, so I jumped out of the car and headed into the sagebrush because I was on the track (the nose knows!) of something that piqued my canine interest.  Low and behold a huge jack rabbit, with long years, sprung out from its hiding place and took off…..well this is what my human told me because I never caught sight of it.  I have my doubts she saw it either since she didn’t even get a picture of it.  Being canine and everything, I kept watch the entire rest of my time in Red Mountain.

After my rabbit moment, I began my romp down through the vineyard rows and discovered that harvest went well as there wasn’t a grape to be found in this vineyard.  My wine doggie pals tell me that the 2012 harvest has been stellar for the wine industry, so all the winemakers and vineyard owners are extremely happy.  I was trying to figure out what varietal of grape was grown in my romp zone when I remembered that Red Mountain is known for its red wines.  Maybe that’s why my human was so accommodating….she loves red wine!

I scampered to my hearts content until I was ready to head home for a late afternoon nap.  I love living in wine country, its so relaxing!