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Updated Wine Signage

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

I just have to comment on the fantastic job the humans have done with the new signage in Yakima Valley Wine Country.  These signs allow humans to get around to the wineries more easily and even let them know if the winery is open or closed, so your human doesn’t have to make an unnecessary stop.  I think the signs are pretty cool, you certainly can’t miss them!

There are even signs back to I-82 which is a bonus since many humans get lost out in wine country, at least that’s what my wine dog pals say.  I think it would be cool to have a map for us canines, letting us know where we can find other wine doggies to romp with while out and about with our humans.

Checking out Chukar Cherries

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

So I’ve been MIA lately due to the fact that my human has been traveling excessively for something called her job.  Not sure what that entails except for the fact that I go days without seeing her and I’m stuck staying with my cousin Oskar, the annoying German Shepherd.

Over the holidays, I was shopping and located the perfect store in Prosser.  The sign had a bird on it and I thought what a perfect gift for my cousin.  It would actually be entertaining for me as I will get to play with the bird too.  I was getting ready to jump out of the car when my human didn’t even open the door for me and went in without me.  This was one unhappy canine as I was hoping to go in and check out all of the birds and see if there could be one for me as well.   I waited for a bit and finally my human came out of the store munching on something.    Come to find out, it wasn’t a bird store at all!  It was Chukar Cherries, a company specializing in making all kinds of great eats out of cherries.  I guess it wasn’t suitable for canine visitation due to samples being offered in the store and some rule that we aren’t able to eat chocolate.  Apparently, there is a lot of chocolate involved with the cherries.   The cool thing about Chukar Cherries is that it is all made in the Yakima Valley, from the chocolate covered cherries to the trail mix blends to the salsa.  It all sounds so good for humans that is, I just hope that one day they will make canine friendly treats!