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Sheep Lake: A Hiking Adventure with Tortilla ***Spoiler alert, there are no sheep!***

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Tortilla smelling wildflowers

My humans took Baxter and me on a hike to Sheep Lake recently.  We’ve done lots of hikes together since I was adopted a year ago and this is one of my favorites!  I’ve never met a sheep before and hope to see one at some point on the trail! 

The trailhead starts at the Naches Peak parking lot off of SR 410 – very easy for our humans to find.  (Be sure to check trail conditions and permit policies with the Naches Ranger District before setting out on the trail.)  Us doggies should always be on a leash, even if we’re the nicest doggie out there – some pups get a little antsy on narrow trails, so let’s help other canines feel comfy out there too! 

The 2.5-mile trail to Sheep Lake isn’t too steep, and it’s probably good to start in the morning or later in the afternoon because the sun can get pretty hot this time of year for the first mile of the trail.  I make sure my humans bring water for us on the trail, because Baxter and I can become pretty parched during the hike.  After the first mile, you get into some great shady woods … tons of sniffing to be done …

… and then there it is … THE LAKE! 

Oh, I get so excited I can’t help myself.  The possibilities for splashing after sticks are endless!  I didn’t even mind that there weren’t any sheep…next time I will see one no matter what it takes!

Tortilla & Baxter on the trail

Tired, wet and happy at the end of our hike, we headed back home.  Not before stopping at Whistlin’ Jacks Lodge for ice cream, however.  The biggest scoops I’ve ever seen!  Don’t tell, but my human dad gave Baxter and me each a lick of vanilla ice cream…it was wooflicious.

Tortilla & Baxter investigating at Sheep Lake

I pinch myself that I’ve been adopted and get to have these adventures!  I’ve got lots of doggie friends at Yakima Humane Society looking for their next adventure – won’t you stop by and adopt a hiking friend today?

See you on the trail! 

Licks & Tail Wags,


Tortilla at the Dog Park

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Hi I’m Tortilla! 

I’m a 1.5 year old yellow Lab Mix (“heavy on the Mix,” my human says), and I was adopted from Yakima Humane Society about a year ago.  Cooper asked me to come up with some of my favorite adventures in the Yakima Valley for dogs and their people … for a “blog,” he said.  Hmm, sounds delicious.


Well, anyway, here’s one of my favorite spots and it’s right near the Yakima Humane Society where my Mom works … and where me and my big brother, Baxter, (he’s the coolest) were adopted from.  The Off-Leash Dog Park is a super-cool place to meet doggie friends, run real fast like me and chase the SQUIRREL.  Maybe you and I can make a plan …  I’m doin’ real good on my Frisbee-catching skills, by the way.  My big brother Baxter is the expert catcher you.  Did I mention that he’s the coolest?

Baxter – “The Coolest”

The Greenway Foundation Dog Park is the only off-leash dog park in the City of Yakima.  The park is located off of I-82 at the Nob Hill Blvd Exit 34.  Parking is available right outside Yakima Humane Society, with the dog park easily accessible via the Greenway Pathway.  Open dawn to dusk, the park is self-supervised, with rules for use posted outside the gates.

·         I’m all about having a good time, so my human makes sure I’m on a leash until I get into the fenced-in area.    Oh and my mom packs water for me…I always need it after all the fun!

·         After playing, guide your humans over to visit the Yakima Humane Society (11a-5p weekdays, 12-5p Saturdays).  There are tons of great dogs like me (cats, too!) in need of a second chance.  I know I’m thankful for my fur-ever home!

Tail Wags & Licks,



Guest Canine Hosts

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Tortilla and Cooper

Recently I have made a very wise canine decision.  I have enlisted the help of my pack to assist me in adding more discovery and adventure to Coop’s Scoop.  From time to time a pal canine from my pack will suggest pooch/human friendly activities found around the Yakima Valley.

That being woofed, I’d like to introduce my buddy Tortilla.  He’s a rambunctious 1.5 year old Lab Mix who was adopted by his human, Erica.  She is an avid canine lover who works at the Yakima Humane Society and is always talking about fellow pups seeking humans with forever homes.  If you are looking for a roommate/playmate, have your human contact the Yakima Humane Society.

“T” (as I like to call him because Tortilla is a mouthful) and I  met at the dog park to get some play time in but it has been a tad warm here so I wasn’t keen on playing too hard…hence the close up my human took of me.

Keep on the lookout for Tortilla’s recommendations and introductions of other pack members that will be contributing to Coop’s Scoop!



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