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A Walk in the Park with Hugo Boss

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Hey there!  I’m Hugo Boss (not the fashion designer, just a Maltese Yorkie mix).  Memorial Day weekend I visited my all time favorite park in Yakima, Franklin Park. I live in the Barge-Chestnut neighborhood just blocks away and I’m always pulling at the leash for my owners to take me there.  Here are my top five reasons I love to go:

First, it’s huge, especially for a little guy like me! There are acres of open ground, lush with grass and lots of shade trees. Plenty of room to roam but always on a leash (that’s the rules folks). For humans there’s a running track, tennis courts, kids playground, picnic tables and a seasonal outdoor swimming pool.

Second, the Rotary Pavilion has summer evening concerts on Friday nights that welcome well behaved pups.

Third, dogs get their own watering hole! The Yakima Valley Museum has built an ever flowing watering station.  I love to jump up and get a really good drink.

Fourth, the Museum allows very well behaved dogs inside. My owner just carries me around.  And there’s an old fashioned soda fountain that has outdoor seating, so I can hang out with my owners while they have an outdoor feast of hamburgers and fries.

Fifth, and most importantly… there’s lots of dogs about so you may make a new friend!

Hope to see you there soon and remember, tell your humans to keep you on a leash and clean up any messes.


Cooper’s New Adventure

Friday, May 9th, 2014

WOOF to all of my faithful followers!  

This is going to be my last blog for the Wine Doggie Bloggie.  I’m going back to work full time as a Feline Patrol Officer at the ranch. I will focus on tracking down trespassing cats and other uninvited guests, encouraging them to remove themselves from the premises. My human is going to be with me all day which will make my tail wag a little more, knowing I will get more pats and treats. 

Be sure to stay tuned as there will be news and updates from guest ‘doggers’ since I will be patrolling at the ranch. 

I have had such a great time romping around the Yakima Valley and woofing you about all of the wonderful things to do and see.  Maybe I’ll see you around the Valley on your next visit. 

Arf revoir,