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Stuka Keeps Watch at Cherry Wood Bed Breakfast and Barn

Monday, September 8th, 2014

20140905_105455Greetings from the farm! It’s been a warm and busy summer here at Cherry Wood B&B. Pepper and the crew have me running ragged with all the coming and goings! Seems like just when I get a chance to rest on the front porch another visitor drives up and I have to get up and greet them! But that’s okay because I love the petting and attention.

A little about me. I’m six years young and as friendly a German Shepard you will find anywhere. Don’t quite know where I was born but I was found roaming the streets of Boise a number of years ago. An animal protection group in Montana got me and when Pepper heard my story she drove all the way there to bring me to my new home near Zillah. Ever since I have settle in to the routine and love living on the ranch and roaming the orchards nearby.

There’s been a number of foals born this season and those youngsters seem to have lots of energy out in the pens. The wine tasting horse rides have been going out each week and the new Cowboy Limo hay rides have been fun too, lots of folks going out that way. My buddy Pickles and I never seem to have a dull moment keeping an eye on things.20140906_100340

Harvest is underway for the fruit trees and wine grapes, which is always fun to watch and run around. If you have a chance come on out sometime to stay in our teepees, go for a ride and just enjoy the farm life.  And I’ll be there to welcome you with tail a wagging!

Help Bung Celebrate His Birthday!

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

bdayThe secret is out.  I get to have a birthday party for me, Bung the Wonder Dog, this Saturday, Sept 6 all day at Bonair Winery.  My owners are serving hot dogs and chips for $5.00 to my human friends (all the money goes to The Yakima Humane Society to help other not so lucky dogs).  If you bring a doggie food donation for the Humane Society, your wine tasting at Bonair Winery is free!

All dogs are welcome to come and frolic on the grass and by the duck pond, just not into the tasting room.    We are making delicious BUNGS BONES for well-behaved humans to give to their own special dog as part of my celebration.

See you Saturday. Hopefully I won’t have to wear this hat much!