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Meet Brodie of Severino Cellars

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Meet BrodieGreetings from Severino Cellars! My name is “Brodie” and I’m the resident wine dog here. I’m a West Highland White Terrier (or terrorist as I am sometimes referred to!) I found my forever home when I was 7 weeks old. My owner Linda Spurlock picked me up and I went to “work” the very next day. When Linda is working in the tasting room I can be found here. I am now 7 years old but people seem to think I’m much older. They say I am a young dog with an old soul. I just don’t get too excited when you come to visit. Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE people and other dogs too. A nice belly rub and scratch behind the ears is all I require when you visit. I may come and greet you at your car door but I’m not much into barking or jumping when you pull into the lot. Just a friendly sniff and wag of my tail….you may even have to step over me when you come in the door.

My favorite season is spring. That’s when the sage rats visit our property and I spend many hours hunting and digging. I do love to dig. Typically anything that moves or runs is mine to chase. That includes skunks, of which I have had two up close and personal experiences. What can I say? They were in my yard!

Meanwhile, our Thanksgiving in Wine Country event is fast approaching. To help with the cold weather we’re serving sausage and pumpkin chili as well as our delicious wines.

photoStop by and enjoy some savings and stock up for the holidays.   I will be happy to share my bed with you, if you fit. If not, there are some comfy chairs available and I will be happy to sit on your lap as you sample our wines.

We are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

See you soon!