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Happy February from Bung the Wonder Dog!

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Bonair Bung Spring 2015I am one happy doggie.  It is spring in late February and the weather is warm and sunny AND I have discovered a brand new and interesting scent that I would like to share with my doggie friends who bring their owners out to taste wine.   My owners got excited too, when they discovered that we have a muskrat living at the edge of the pond.  Now I have so much herding to do- I have to keep the ducks by the pond, keep the muskrat in the pond, and keep an eye on the dozens of gold fish that have moved to the surface of the pond to get warm.

I can always use back-up-dog help.With all this work, I am always happy when people and dogs come to our winery so I can take a break and get my ears scratched and tummy rubbed.  We are open everyday from 11 AM-4 PM.  Come and see us at BONAIR WINERY!!