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Penny’s Visit to the Mural Society

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

PennyMuralsToday my owner took me to look at some of the Murals in Toppenish – “Where the West Still Lives”. This is one of many murals you can find all around the town..and my little doggie paws were quite eager to check them all out.  Fortunately for us, there is a dedicated map with descriptions that will take you back in time when horse drawn carriages and sometimes even a bear fight filled the streets of this little Americana town.  There are over 70 murals strategically painted on various buildings and billboards. Each mural captures the history of the first settlers and culture of those who lived in Toppenish between 1840-1940.  I even saw a couple “Western Doggies” in those murals too!

While I was walking with my owner, I saw a group of people also looking at the murals from the comfort of their very own horse drawn wagon tour . The tour guide’s voice echoed on the microphone and my ears couldn’t help but perk up a little, as he told stories of the past .. stories so perfectly painted for me and my owner to enjoy and reminisce of a time when there weren’t cell phones, computers, or any type of digital device.

Every year, on the first Saturday of June, a group of artists come from all over the world to paint a Mural in a Day.  This is a big deal and often times,  there have been thousands of people that come and watch the paint dry.  There is usually food & craft vendors, a 5K Fun Run, and lots of excitement in this town – I sure hope my owner takes me next year, because there’s nothing I would rather do than sit and watch the paint dry.. and possibly try out some of those food vendor booths too.

I hope all of my friends are enjoying this cooler weather and finding some time to go and explore this beautiful valley we live in.

Until next time,

Penny the Pill

My pals at Union Gap Pet Smart gave me the best haircut ever!!

My pals at Union Gap Pet Smart gave me the best haircut ever!!

Happy Birthday Bung!

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Bonair5 Last month my owner took me to Bung’s Birthday party!  Yappy Hour was such a hit!!! This was actually my very first Wine Doggie Birthday Party – my owner made sure I was dressed for this occasion.  Bung is quite the charmer, I’ll have to say .. I was quite taken by him.  His owner has a photo of us together.. you might get a glimpse of it in a future post from The Wonder Dog himself! My owner enjoyed a glass of one of her favorite Riesling’s while I watched wine club members come and collect their boxes of wine.. lots of visiting out on the patio..and lots of BBQ hot dogs &  hamburgers cooked by one of Bung’s owners – Bung is so lucky, I bet he gets all the leftovers.

Bung also invited the pet shelter to his party – they were handing out information on their “Shelter Essentials” and instead of presents, Bung wanted his guests to donate some of these essentials to the shelter.. what a guy!!! I was quite excited – they lady at the shelter gave me my very own treat bag with 3 delicious dog biscuits – nice party favors Bung – I certainly approve!

I even met some of Bung’s friends too – Bonair Winery and Vineyards is one of the happening places for dog friendly destinations.  If my owner would have shown up a few minutes earlier, we could have also participated in Yoga by Whitney – all summer long, she has yoga classes at select wineries.  My owner is already in search of the proper yoga attire for us – we will be ready next summer!

Weekends were meant for activities like these – and with only Saturday & Sunday, there are too many places yet to visit!  Click here for a “few” options you will definitely want to check out this weekend..and the weekend after.. and the weekend after.. and the.. well, you get my point!  Cheers – Penny the Pill