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Welcome to the Wine Doggie Club Agnes!

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Agnes can’t wait to greet you! Come say hello to her at the Wine Makers Loft (Vintners Village) in Prosser WA. Enjoy a glass of Coyote Canyon Wine!


Happy Spring to all of my Wine Doggie friends! I’m excited to introduce one of our newest Wine Doggie Members. Her name is Agnes and she is the official greeter at the Coyote Canyon Winery, located at the Wine Makers Loft (Studio A), inside of Vintner’s Village, Prosser WA.

Her owners tell me that she certainly acts her age (10 months) and is quite social..always trying to say hello a thousand times. I think I’m going to like this new Wine Dog, she sounds very similar to me!! I’ve been told that her extreme friendliness with guests is starting to really give the Pitbull breed a new name! With her greeting skills, she  absolutely loves coming to work .. and just like me, she hates being home alone.  Agnes takes all parts of her job seriously, especially during harvest! She  is part of the quality control group and helps test the grapes, which usually requires more than a few from each batch. Her free time includes wandering through the vineyard, meeting new friends, and getting her belly scratched. Yep, I’m pretty sure that Agnes and I will become great friends! Make sure and say hello to her when you visit Wine Country!


Penny the Pill catching up on her sleep, so she can have fun later with Agnes.

Penny the Pill catching up on her sleep, so she can have fun later with Agnes…lots of vineyard to explore.