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Summer News from Bung!!!

Monday, August 22nd, 2016


A big hello from Bung the Wonder Dog!

I have had such a busy summer enjoying my job as official greeter of visitors and especially those who bring their doggies wine tasting with them.  When the summer temperatures are HOT, doggies on leashes get to cool off in our air conditioned tasting room (except when we are serving food on the weekend afternoons).  We have a duck pond for doggies who need to really cool off and a huge grassy area where they can run off leash and stretch their legs.  Please come and see me- I will happily pose for you,  and my owners have some really good wines for humans to enjoy.  They like to get a glass of wine and just sit outside and enjoy the peacefulness of wine country.

By the way, my special birthday party is coming up-BUNG’S BIRTHDAY BASH on September 17.  More on that soon!

Love you all!

Puppy Love in Yakima Valley!

Thursday, February 11th, 2016
Mercer Wine Estates

Mercer Wine Estates

This weekend is Red Wine & Chocolate in the Yakima Valley! I’m very excited for my owner to take me to all of the festivities too .. and she even told me that a certain wine doggie wants to be MY valentine!!!  If you don’t believe me, look at the note he left for me below!! I think you know who I’m talking about, he lives at Bonair Winery…and his name is Bung!  We have met a few times – and my little tail can’t stop wagging when I’m around him.

Today, I helped my owner deliver the new 2016 Travel Guides to our member wineries in Benton City. We made stops at Mercer Wine Estates, Chandler Reach Vineyards, Col Solare Winery, Cooper Wine Company, Sleeping Dog Wines, Tapteil Vineyard and Tucannon Cellars.  I was greeted by quite a few dogs at almost every stop – all very friendly – but it was raining outside, so I said hello to them from the backseat window.  I was hoping to see Bud at Cooper Wine Company, but he was visiting his grandparents for the weekend.  And when we arrived at Mercer Wine Estates, I had fun on their walking trail – I even saw a bunny jump out in front of me, that was so exciting!!

Well, it’s time for me to get ready for my day at the Pet Spa tomorrow – I need to look pretty for Red Wine & Chocolate.. and my valentine, Bung. If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, you’ll want to make a trip out to the Yakima Valley, Washington Wine Country.. and bring your furry friend with you too, Puppy Love is in the air! .. “Penny & Bung sitting by the tree..K-I-S-S-I-N-G”  ~Penny The Pill


Bung The Wonder Dog

Bung The Wonder Dog – AKA Penny’s Valentine!

Winter is over and the sun is shining and I am feeling fine and frisky and ready to start working, after a lazy winter. Today I am heading out with my best friend Bonair Gail to do some work in the vineyard.  This is serious business. First we have to check out the pond- and today we discovered dozens of gold fish on the surface- I guess they are excited about the good weather too.  Next I have to check out our pruning crew and politely wait until sometimes a tasty tidbit or two  drops into my mouth.  Then finally I have to bound up and down the vineyard rows just checking to see if a squirrel or rabbit might be out that I can pretend to chase.  I like those wild animals- they are friends of mine, but it is fun to tease them a little.

At the end of today, it will be a much needed rest dozing with my head on Bonair Gail’s lap.  It really is a dog’s life!    I am looking forward to seeing my dog friends and their owners at Bonair Winery.  We are open every day from 11-4. I’m kinda shy around girls, but Penny the Pill, will you be my valentine?

Your friend,

A visit to Cooper Wine Company

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

My visit at Cooper Wine Company

Hello Friends!

Last month, I ventured down to Benton City and met up with Neil and Bud (Wine Dog)  at Cooper Wine Company .  Bud was the first to greet us in the Tasting Room – such a friendly guy – I’ll have to say, I had fun playing “Bung Ball” with him too!!  Bud is so well known that he has his own Facebook page – you can find him listed under D.b. Cooper – He is one of my newest Facebook Friends!!!! His owner, Neil is very supportive of local charities and just recently raised over 15,000 dollars over a “friendly” competition with Two Mountain Winery to help out the wildfire victims of North Central Washington.  It was quite entertaining watching Two Mountain’s staff clean up Cooper’s wine equipment .. Bud & I were amused with all of the unexpected shenanigans, humans can be so silly at times!!!!!

When you visit Cooper Wine Company, you can count on friendly staff  along with a fine glass of wine.  I (personally) could not get enough play time with Bud outside on their nice green owner watched us play together over a beautiful pink sunset.  I can’t wait to return – make sure and stop at Cooper Wine Company, and bring your dog too!

Until next time,
Penny the Pill




Happy Birthday Bung!

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Bonair5 Last month my owner took me to Bung’s Birthday party!  Yappy Hour was such a hit!!! This was actually my very first Wine Doggie Birthday Party – my owner made sure I was dressed for this occasion.  Bung is quite the charmer, I’ll have to say .. I was quite taken by him.  His owner has a photo of us together.. you might get a glimpse of it in a future post from The Wonder Dog himself! My owner enjoyed a glass of one of her favorite Riesling’s while I watched wine club members come and collect their boxes of wine.. lots of visiting out on the patio..and lots of BBQ hot dogs &  hamburgers cooked by one of Bung’s owners – Bung is so lucky, I bet he gets all the leftovers.

Bung also invited the pet shelter to his party – they were handing out information on their “Shelter Essentials” and instead of presents, Bung wanted his guests to donate some of these essentials to the shelter.. what a guy!!! I was quite excited – they lady at the shelter gave me my very own treat bag with 3 delicious dog biscuits – nice party favors Bung – I certainly approve!

I even met some of Bung’s friends too – Bonair Winery and Vineyards is one of the happening places for dog friendly destinations.  If my owner would have shown up a few minutes earlier, we could have also participated in Yoga by Whitney – all summer long, she has yoga classes at select wineries.  My owner is already in search of the proper yoga attire for us – we will be ready next summer!

Weekends were meant for activities like these – and with only Saturday & Sunday, there are too many places yet to visit!  Click here for a “few” options you will definitely want to check out this weekend..and the weekend after.. and the weekend after.. and the.. well, you get my point!  Cheers – Penny the Pill



Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

IMG_1376 It’s been awhile since I’ve heard from my pal Bung..but my owner just told me that Bung is getting ready for a big Birthday Bash … and guess what?!?!?! … I FINALLY get to meet him.  I can hardly wait!!! Here’s a little bit of what Bung has been up to lately … See you at the BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY!! ~Penny the Pill

Hi to all my friends from Bung the Wonder Dog. Boy, I am one happy dog this month. Grape harvest has begun. I love this time of the year with so many new and old winemaker and wine grower friends stopping by every day. There are so many tractors and bins and ripe grapes to smell- I am in doggie Heaven!

But the best thing about harvest is the arrival of my new best little friend and playmate: Wilson!! His owner is our winemaker assistant for crush, and WILSON comes with her every day. He is so cute and such a fun puppy (only18 weeks old) that he makes me feel so young. We chase and play and explore together- and then crash and take naps together. I am teaching him a lot of new tricks and he is teaching me patience!

My BIRTHDAY is coming up and we are celebrating at Bonair Winery on September 19. All day is yappy hour and donations are accepted for our true friends who are helped by the Humane Society. And guess who is coming to see me: PENNY THE PILL. I read her blog (with the help of my human owners) and she looks pretty cute- can’t wait to meet her.  I will keep you posted! ~Bung the Wonder Dog



Penny’s Post: Spring Barrel and New Wine Dogs!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

penny.4.26.15PostWith Spring Barrel just around the corner, I thought you might want to hear from more of our “newer” Wine Doggies! They have such great stories – I could just play with their toys… I mean, listen to their stories all day long! Today you’ll get to hear from Benji & Sid.  Both dogs were rescued by their owners.  We are so lucky to have owners who love us unconditionally and give us the best homes. My owner surprised me this weekend with a bright red football! I love all the different sounds it makes when I bite on it – but my owner tells me this is an outside toy, and so sometimes I have to share it with my big sister Destiny!  Enjoy the stories and have fun during Spring Barrel Weekend - I’ll be staying home with my new squeaky football.  Toodles ~ Penny the Pill



Benji (left) & Gracie (right) waiting to greet their visitors at Barrel Springs Winery

Benji (left) & Gracie (right)  waiting to greet their visitors at Barrel Springs Winery

My name is Benji. Someone dumped me off last summer at Barrel Springs Winery. I loved hanging around Jim and Annette’s house and vineyard but I noticed they already had a winery dog and they weren’t too sure they wanted to take on another. I knew my big personality could win them over if I just had a little time! Unfortunately some big dog came into the front yard one morning and decided to eat me! Annette scooped me up, took me to the Vet and told Jim that it only cost $700 to fix me up, so they guessed they better keep me. I’ve been a happy camper ever since and I am even starting to grow on Gracie too.

Spring Barrel tasting is coming up next weekend and I’m already getting excited to see everyone. Gracie lets me take the lead on this. Jim will be tasting his 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon out of the barrel and they also have some artisan cheeses paired with their wines for tasting all weekend. I’m always on the lookout for a morsel or two to drop! They have some great discounts on 1/2 and full cases of wine for this event also. Gracie and I will be available for any photo opts and we can’t wait to share our owners enthusiasm and love for wine making. See you April 26-28 10am-5:00pm.  ~Benji & Gracie


Marshal taking a break with one of his owners, Paul while they tend to the vineyards together.

Hi, my name is Marshal and I joined the Paradisos pack last week. My home was meant to be, as my new owners were down to one dog, Digley, who apparently thinks he can keep the coyotes out of the yard single-handedly.  Needless to say, he needed back up and like my owner said, “One dog isn’t enough for the best mental health.”

My new owners found me at the Yakima Humane Society. Being friendly is one of the requirements of a good Wine Dog. Luckily for me, I fit the bill – I love people and I’m gentle and I love it when families come to visit me! I’m still learning my job, but my owner says I’m good at greeting visitors and escorting them along. I absolutely love getting tummy rubs and pets .. and of course, I also love treats!!! I’m not allowed in the tasting room though, my owners like to keep the food samples safe and the room allergen free to visitors – so make sure and say hello to me on your way inside! Since I’m the new Wine Dog in town, I would love to make some new friends with other dogs. If you bring your dog, please keep them leashed because we have free range poultry. I can show you where there is shady tie out spots along with leash free options and walks.  Speaking of walks, I can hardly wait for the Canine & Wine Walk, I’m hope to see you there! ~Marshal


Penny the Pill Post: Spring Barrel Weekends!

Friday, April 17th, 2015

SpringBarrel1Today marks the official kick off to Spring Barrel Weekends and my owner is so excited to try out new releases, drink wine from the barrel and meet new friends along the way.  Because it’s such a busy weekend, she tasked me with staying home and researching the wineries, their hours and anything extra fun happening at their facility.  Since there are 100 wineries in the Yakima Valley, I requested some help from my fellow Wine Doggies.  They were willing to share some of their stories too!

But first, let me tell you some of my own findings.  Most wineries are open at 11AM, but Windy Point Vineyards is open at 10:00AM and the views are just spectacular! Agate Field Vineyard will have pulled pork sandwiches available – I hope my owner brings me some leftovers. For details specific to this weekend, you’ll want to visit our Yakima Valley Tourism website.  Make sure to check it quite often because you don’t want to miss out on any of the festivities!! Well, now that you have some ideas for Spring Barrel Weekends, this little Pill is going to relax by the fire while my owner sips on her Merlot.  In the meantime, check out the latest from my buddy Bung at Bonair Winery and Vineyards.



Happy Tourist Season from your friend BUNG THE WONDER DOG. Winemaker Bill and I are hanging out together in the barrel cave. We’re getting ready for Spring Barrel Tasting at the wineries in my neighborhood, the Rattlesnake Hills near Zillah. Bill and I like to work on those red wines and we’ve got a woofing good wine, a Petit Verdot, for you all to barrel taste.

Come on out and spend time with us anytime on April 24th-26th to join in the festivities. Miz. Dee from Yakima is serving her finger licking ribs and chicken!  She is my best friend on those days- she knows how to make a doggie happy with those little tidbits! (Sorry Penny – I’m not even going to promise any leftovers) She is a lot smarter than I am and knows I can only have a little bit, as my doggie nose and mouth just run wild with those flavors!!

Please join us all here at Bonair Winery for some wonderful wines and great wine deals.  I will happily pose with you for a picture or two!  We are open every single day from 10-5 and

The Wonder Dog


Greetings from Severino Cellars!

Thursday, March 5th, 2015



Severino Cellars Dog Blog 1Winter has come to past and it is now my FAVORITE season. Can you guess what season I am referring to? Need a hint? It begins with an “s” and it is not Spring or Summer. It is Sage Rat Season!! If you stop by Severino Cellars tasting room or vineyard I won’t be hard to find. Look for the flying dirt and I am sure to be under it. Those little critters are abundant this time of year and it is my job to hunt them out. It is a seek and destroy mission that I am more than happy to accept. As you can see by the pictures I take my job very seriously, it is exhausting work and an occasional nap is often called for. I could be on an episode of “Dirty Jobs” as this is extremely dirty. The down side to Sage Rat Season is that my owner insists on frequent baths, which I dislike immensely!

The first of March marks regular hours at Severino Cellars. Back to 7 days a week. Tasting Room hours are Monday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and Sunday noon – 6:00 p.m. And we are located at1717 1st Avenue in Zillah. Stop by to sample the wines, say hello (don’t forget to scratch my belly) and watch me hard at work getting those vermin! There goes one now…..gotta go!  Brodie

Happy February from Bung the Wonder Dog!

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Bonair Bung Spring 2015I am one happy doggie.  It is spring in late February and the weather is warm and sunny AND I have discovered a brand new and interesting scent that I would like to share with my doggie friends who bring their owners out to taste wine.   My owners got excited too, when they discovered that we have a muskrat living at the edge of the pond.  Now I have so much herding to do- I have to keep the ducks by the pond, keep the muskrat in the pond, and keep an eye on the dozens of gold fish that have moved to the surface of the pond to get warm.

I can always use back-up-dog help.With all this work, I am always happy when people and dogs come to our winery so I can take a break and get my ears scratched and tummy rubbed.  We are open everyday from 11 AM-4 PM.  Come and see us at BONAIR WINERY!!


Wednesday, December 10th, 2014


Bung is ready for holiday festivities.

Bung is ready for holiday festivities.


everybody here at Bonair Winery is enjoying the holidays.  We are all decorated just for you, our friends, and are open every day from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM (except Christmas Day).

This is a quiet time of the year.  There are not a lot of people out wine tasting, so I get to spend extra time with those who do come out-  I love to have my ears scratched and I like to show you the funny ducks skating and quacking out on the partly frozen duck pond.  As you walk with me on the sidewalk thru the vineyard, it is really beautiful to see the vines without their leaves, all happily resting for the winter.

I helped the staff decorate the tasting room by watching thru the windows from the outside and what happiness when they let me in and I got to bark at all those beautiful colored lights..

Hope to see you soon!