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Happy Holidays to all of our Friends!

My Big Sister Destiny & I visited Santa Paws! He promised me lots of new toys that squeak, bouncy balls for my owner to throw, and even some treats too! Looks like I made the “Nice List” this year – I’m not that much of a Pill after all!  Today, we have a guest blogger, Jessica Brody, who is going to share some very important tips on traveling with your furry friends.  Ms. Brody believes that dogs are just about the greatest creatures on earth, and enjoys showing her love for our four-legged friends through photos.  Enjoy some of these tips for traveling with pets. Stay tuned for some fun events happening in the Yakima Valley over this Holiday Season.

~Penny the Pill

How to Plan for Traveling with Your Dog
By Jessica Brody

Traveling with our pets is a fun way to have our four-legged friends tag along on our adventures. Especially if you are heading somewhere that is pet-friendly. Deciding to bring your dog when you travel does require some extra pre-planning and research. Here are some quick tips on what to consider and what to do when preparing to bring Fido along.

Before you head out of town, it’s a good rule of thumb to visit the vet for a checkup, if you haven’t already. Your vet can can tell you what to do if you encounter an emergency, in addition to making sure your dog’s ID chip information is up to date. A visit to the vet is also a good time to discuss any medical issues that might be of concern when traveling. If your dog is prone to anxiety or motion sickness, this is your chance to speak up, as there are medications that can help your dog have a more comfortable journey.

What to Pack
After visiting the vet, you’ll have some medical and license information to take with you.
Try using an
app to store all of your dog’s medical information in one spot.
Your mode of transportation will help you decide just how much you can bring, so keep in mind ways to economize on space if you are flying. As for
gear itself, you’ll know the extras you should bring to keep your pet happy, but the most important items you should pack are:

-       Food/water bowls

-       A blanket or towel

-       Chew toys

-       Poop bags

-       Leash or harness

-       Food and Treats

-       Necessary medications

Now more than ever you there are an abundance of pet-friendly hotels or bed and breakfasts available for people who travel with their dogs. Some of these place even have amenities specifically for pets!

If you are camping, determine the rules and restrictions for pets prior to arrival. And always take a crate or carrier of some sort so that your dog can have a quiet place to unwind once you reach your final destination.

Traveling By Car
Plan your route ahead of time to give you an idea of pet-friendly stops along the way. Make a point to stop every few hours so your dog can have a quick potty break and walk to stretch their legs. Always be sure to have your dog restrained when riding in the car (i.e. harness or crate), and never allow your dog to sit in your lap or put their head out the window.

Traveling By Plane
Dogs traveling by plane must be small enough to fit in a carrier that can be stowed below the seat in front of you. Typically there are fees associated with bringing your pet, so be prepared to shell out some extra money. If your dog is too big to join you in the main cabin, you will need to crate your dog and have her ride in the cargo hold.

Change of Heart
Sometimes it’s too difficult to bring our pets with us when we travel. Should you decide your dog can’t accompany you, consider having a dog-sitter come to your house so that your pet can stay at home comfortably. The best part about a pet-sitter is their ability to give daily updates, and they’ll be able to tell you if anything is amiss at your house. Alternatively you can board your dog at a kennel or day spa where they will be played with and pampered.

Whichever you choose, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dog is in good hands.

Image by condesign via Pixabay

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