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Summer Days Are Here Again!

Friday, August 12th, 2016

Hello Friends!

Happy Summer to you all – I’ve been pretty busy playing in the sun with my BIG sister Destiny .. my owner has tasked me with making sure that Destiny gets her walk in every morning – It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.  Check out our new Yakima Valley Wine Doggies Instagram account. Louie the terrier has joined the Wine Doggie family, and he will be posting photos of wine doggies / pet friendly attractions here in the Valley.. you might even see some pictures of the two of us together! – We’re friends!Keep an eye on out on our blog site – Bung the Wonder Dog has some exciting news and updates. I’ve also got some really fun pet friendly events that are coming up – you won’t want to miss!

Today, we have a guest Blogger – Kelly Wright.   She explores and celebrates the magical and mysterious bond between pets and people for’s Animal Heroes section. If you have an amazing story about how an animal has brought joy and wonder to your life, please email her at


RoverPictureVets Share Their Stories with About Working with Animals — as Kids!

At, we admire the vets who keep our pets healthy. During interviews for our new feature, Veterinarians Share the Amazing Stories that Inspired Their Careers, we learned that many discovered their love of caring for animals as children.

Here are a few unique stories about vets who got an early start in training.

They had all kinds of pets — often, quite a few!

Dr. Tyler Carmack of Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice in Virginia Beach said her variety of pets helped her appreciate all animals:  “I had a cat, a bird, multiple rats and hamsters, fish, and even three ducks at one point,” she said. “I loved taking care of different animals and getting to learn about each species and their different characteristics and personalities.”  Dr. Jessica Waldman devoted herself to nursing animals in need.

“I had many sleepless nights feeding baby birds and baby mice I found,” she revealed. Now a veterinarian at California Animal Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, Dr. Waldman said she also volunteered at a local animal clinic.  For Dr. Rebecca McComas of MN Pets in Minnesota, caring for animals was an everyday part of growing up and valuable experience for her career.“My family had tons of pets while I was growing up — dogs, hamsters, rats, fish and hermit crabs — and they were my first experience with having the responsibility to care for another living thing,” she said.  “I remember taking care of my pets as a child and coming to the realization that their health and well-being was my responsibility,” she explained. “They did well and thrived, or they struggled and suffered illness based on my care and husbandry.”

Many vets worked on farms

Some veterinarians learned in a rural setting.  “I spent countless hours on a dairy farm from the age of 4 on feeding calves, milking cows, and quietly watching the veterinarian who came to examine sick cows or perform surgery,” shared Dr. Elizabeth Carney of Peaceful Pet Passage in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Monica Dijanic — a vet at Beaver Brook Animal Hospital in Connecticut — also spent time on the farm, but it wasn’t until she switched to a clinic that she realized her life’s passion.“I loved science and animals, so when I was in high school I decided to volunteer at an animal hospital to see if it would be something I was interested in,” she said.

Some raised not-so-typical pets

“When I visited my grandpa in Milwaukee as a little girl, I chased butterflies into his neighbor’s yard,” recalled Dr. Laura Ziegler of DoveLewis in Portland. “His neighbor was a naturalist, and she got me started raising butterflies, which I did for years. Not all of the butterflies made it, but when they did, it was really fun to watch!”

Dr. Ziegler said the experience also sparked her interest in educating others:  “Teaching the neighborhood kids how to raise butterflies inspired a love of science, and I’d always had a love for animals. That’s what drove me to the veterinary field.”

Whether or not vet school is in your future, if you’re looking for a fun way to work with animals, try dog walking with!

Kelly Wright


Greetings from Severino Cellars!

Thursday, March 5th, 2015



Severino Cellars Dog Blog 1Winter has come to past and it is now my FAVORITE season. Can you guess what season I am referring to? Need a hint? It begins with an “s” and it is not Spring or Summer. It is Sage Rat Season!! If you stop by Severino Cellars tasting room or vineyard I won’t be hard to find. Look for the flying dirt and I am sure to be under it. Those little critters are abundant this time of year and it is my job to hunt them out. It is a seek and destroy mission that I am more than happy to accept. As you can see by the pictures I take my job very seriously, it is exhausting work and an occasional nap is often called for. I could be on an episode of “Dirty Jobs” as this is extremely dirty. The down side to Sage Rat Season is that my owner insists on frequent baths, which I dislike immensely!

The first of March marks regular hours at Severino Cellars. Back to 7 days a week. Tasting Room hours are Monday – Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and Sunday noon – 6:00 p.m. And we are located at1717 1st Avenue in Zillah. Stop by to sample the wines, say hello (don’t forget to scratch my belly) and watch me hard at work getting those vermin! There goes one now…..gotta go!  Brodie

Meet Brodie of Severino Cellars

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Meet BrodieGreetings from Severino Cellars! My name is “Brodie” and I’m the resident wine dog here. I’m a West Highland White Terrier (or terrorist as I am sometimes referred to!) I found my forever home when I was 7 weeks old. My owner Linda Spurlock picked me up and I went to “work” the very next day. When Linda is working in the tasting room I can be found here. I am now 7 years old but people seem to think I’m much older. They say I am a young dog with an old soul. I just don’t get too excited when you come to visit. Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE people and other dogs too. A nice belly rub and scratch behind the ears is all I require when you visit. I may come and greet you at your car door but I’m not much into barking or jumping when you pull into the lot. Just a friendly sniff and wag of my tail….you may even have to step over me when you come in the door.

My favorite season is spring. That’s when the sage rats visit our property and I spend many hours hunting and digging. I do love to dig. Typically anything that moves or runs is mine to chase. That includes skunks, of which I have had two up close and personal experiences. What can I say? They were in my yard!

Meanwhile, our Thanksgiving in Wine Country event is fast approaching. To help with the cold weather we’re serving sausage and pumpkin chili as well as our delicious wines.

photoStop by and enjoy some savings and stock up for the holidays.   I will be happy to share my bed with you, if you fit. If not, there are some comfy chairs available and I will be happy to sit on your lap as you sample our wines.

We are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

See you soon!


Happy Hallowine from Bung!

Monday, October 20th, 2014

dbloggyHappy harvest and Hallowine from your truly, Bung the Wonder Dog!    Our grape harvest is all done.  I helped a lot by supervising Alfonso as he brought in all the bins of grapes, and I entertained our crew by bouncing cabernet grapes off my nose.

Now we are celebrating the harvesting of our Bonair Pumpkins and getting ready for HALLOWINE, October 25, when more than three hundred costumed humans on horseback will ride to our winery and enjoy our wines.  I have learned to be very quiet and just watch the funny horses as they come by.

We still have tapas available to enjoy on these long sunny fall weekends- and you will find me ready to hop on a chair beside you and be your very best friend.  Hope to see  you at Bonair Winery and the Rattlesnake Hills very soon!

Stuka Keeps Watch at Cherry Wood Bed Breakfast and Barn

Monday, September 8th, 2014

20140905_105455Greetings from the farm! It’s been a warm and busy summer here at Cherry Wood B&B. Pepper and the crew have me running ragged with all the coming and goings! Seems like just when I get a chance to rest on the front porch another visitor drives up and I have to get up and greet them! But that’s okay because I love the petting and attention.

A little about me. I’m six years young and as friendly a German Shepard you will find anywhere. Don’t quite know where I was born but I was found roaming the streets of Boise a number of years ago. An animal protection group in Montana got me and when Pepper heard my story she drove all the way there to bring me to my new home near Zillah. Ever since I have settle in to the routine and love living on the ranch and roaming the orchards nearby.

There’s been a number of foals born this season and those youngsters seem to have lots of energy out in the pens. The wine tasting horse rides have been going out each week and the new Cowboy Limo hay rides have been fun too, lots of folks going out that way. My buddy Pickles and I never seem to have a dull moment keeping an eye on things.20140906_100340

Harvest is underway for the fruit trees and wine grapes, which is always fun to watch and run around. If you have a chance come on out sometime to stay in our teepees, go for a ride and just enjoy the farm life.  And I’ll be there to welcome you with tail a wagging!

Help Bung Celebrate His Birthday!

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

bdayThe secret is out.  I get to have a birthday party for me, Bung the Wonder Dog, this Saturday, Sept 6 all day at Bonair Winery.  My owners are serving hot dogs and chips for $5.00 to my human friends (all the money goes to The Yakima Humane Society to help other not so lucky dogs).  If you bring a doggie food donation for the Humane Society, your wine tasting at Bonair Winery is free!

All dogs are welcome to come and frolic on the grass and by the duck pond, just not into the tasting room.    We are making delicious BUNGS BONES for well-behaved humans to give to their own special dog as part of my celebration.

See you Saturday. Hopefully I won’t have to wear this hat much!

Dog Days of Summer in Wine Country

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

coolHi, again from Bung the Wonder Dog at Bonair Winery.  I usually don’t pay mush attention to the pond here at the tasting room, but this really is THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER. After playing with my new doggie friends who join their human companions to the winery, I do jump in and visit with the ducks. Then I shake water all over them which makes them laugh.  Ducks are funny but Dogs are funny AND smart.

So escape the heat. Come on down to Bonair, get a glass of cold summer wine from the tasting room, sit out by the pond and watch us frolic. But watch out when I shake out the water after a dip!

The Latest News From Bung The Wonder Dog!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Hi again from Bung at Bonair Winery

Having a very good summer with all the wine tourists coming to visit our winery. Many of them have their doggies with them so I can make new friends and romp in the grass and show them the ducks in the duck pond. I especially love kids who come and scratch my ears and tummy and make me laugh.

And I REALLY love the people who come and sit outside with a glass of wine and tapas (snacks served on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays).  If they ask me, I join them at the table and sometimes a little food falls my way .  I try to be patient and very polite and not beg.

The latest news is that my owners have come up with a new fun thing- they are selling wine in GROWLERS (yes, GROWLERS- must be named that because I never growl, and they think that’s funny).  You can purchase a big growler from us, we fill it up with our dry rose of Cabernet Franc, and you can just keep bringing it back for refills at a very good price.  Save the planet, recycle your containers, drink inexpensively, and pet me- all at the same time!

Hope to see you soon!

A Walk in the Park with Hugo Boss

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Hey there!  I’m Hugo Boss (not the fashion designer, just a Maltese Yorkie mix).  Memorial Day weekend I visited my all time favorite park in Yakima, Franklin Park. I live in the Barge-Chestnut neighborhood just blocks away and I’m always pulling at the leash for my owners to take me there.  Here are my top five reasons I love to go:

First, it’s huge, especially for a little guy like me! There are acres of open ground, lush with grass and lots of shade trees. Plenty of room to roam but always on a leash (that’s the rules folks). For humans there’s a running track, tennis courts, kids playground, picnic tables and a seasonal outdoor swimming pool.

Second, the Rotary Pavilion has summer evening concerts on Friday nights that welcome well behaved pups.

Third, dogs get their own watering hole! The Yakima Valley Museum has built an ever flowing watering station.  I love to jump up and get a really good drink.

Fourth, the Museum allows very well behaved dogs inside. My owner just carries me around.  And there’s an old fashioned soda fountain that has outdoor seating, so I can hang out with my owners while they have an outdoor feast of hamburgers and fries.

Fifth, and most importantly… there’s lots of dogs about so you may make a new friend!

Hope to see you there soon and remember, tell your humans to keep you on a leash and clean up any messes.